Our business areas

ALTUS is an experienced project developer of wind farms and photovoltaic installations. We work alongside local authorities and private organisations involved in the projects, from planning and implementation all the way to operational management. We are also increasingly focusing on the development of new technologies.


Wind power

With the development of modern technical installations, wind power is being harnessed more efficiently today than ever before. As an experienced project developer, we play an important role in this.



The sun is the richest source of energy there is. As a project developer with considerable expertise in photovoltaics, we ensure that this resource is used efficiently.


Operational management

We handle the technical and commercial aspects of operational management for numerous wind and solar park operators – this is hugely important to our future energy supply.


New technologies

We need innovations that store electricity from renewable sources and make it available when it’s needed. That’s why our focus is increasingly on the development of new technologies.