Technical and commercial operational management ensures that your installations produce an optimal performance on a sustained basis. We run a large number of solar and wind power projects all over Germany, and as a strategic partner provide long-term support to numerous energy park operators. Our expertise enables us to guarantee minimum costs and optimum energy yields for your project. Let our highly skilled employees be the ones to advise you!

Services in operational management

We provide transparent and reliable support to you throughout the lifecycle of your solar and wind power installations. We are always on hand to listen to any technological or commercial concerns you may have about your operations.

Monitoring of installations and schedules

  • Accept and process incoming interference
  • Process and document log-ins and log-outs
  • Inspect current operating parameters, park communication and previous day’s output
  • Back-up essential operational data (10-minute data)
  • Carry out installation inspections, including documenting and following up ascertained faults
  • Arrange the required reports and inspections on time

Support and control of service companies

  • Optimise staff planning taking necessary deadlines into account
  • Inspect maintenance work and follow up ascertained defects
  • Calculate installation availability and compare it with contractually guaranteed values
  • Support optimisation and retrofit activities

Documentation and reporting

  • Keep the installation logbook
  • Produce monthly reports showing:
    • daily yield including wind and/or sun-dependent target value
    • losses due to production downtimes
    • current annual overview and comparison with forecasts
    • actual performance curve compared with manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Produce an annual synthesis report

Invoicing of network operators and direct marketers

  • Review ongoing invoicing
    • establish any irregularities
    • follow up invoicing errors
  • Report planned operations to the necessary contractual partners (direct marketing)
  • Invoice feed-in management (EisMan)

Other services

  • Walk-through reports (including photographic documentation)
  • Insurance claim processing
  • Warranty processing
  • On-call service
  • Guidance from skilled and trained staff
  • Individual customer specifications can be taken into account

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