Social engagement is a matter of honour for us

ALTUS stands for sustainability. Our social engagement involves responsible corporate action. As a company in a local authority network, we recognise the huge significance of social, cultural and sporting initiatives, clubs and institutions. That’s why we support this valuable work with donations and sponsorships – putting our “positive energy” to excellent use and having a beneficial effect on society.

Fundraising campaign 2020

Investing in the future: in 2020 we donated 2,500 euros each to a variety of social projects that have a particular focus on children’s physical and mental health.

Deutsche Kinderschutzstiftung Hänsel+Gretel


The German Hänsel and Gretel Foundation’s objective is to protect children from sexual abuse and assault. Since 1997 it has been working to provide greater safety, protection and awareness for children and young people. With over 520 professionally recognised projects of its own and in cooperations across Germany, the foundation helps young people with personal development and empowerment. Every year it reaches out to thousands of children and young people, numerous schools, kindergartens, parents and professionals.

Gesellschaft für KinderKrebsForschung e. V.


The goal of this children’s cancer research organisation is to find a cure for cancer in children, irrespective of how rare a particular illness may be. Its funding of innovative and patient-oriented research projects is dependent on donations. The money it receives allows more and more new therapies to be developed and consequently improves the survival chances of affected children.

Philipp & Freunde – SMA Deutschland e. V.

Philipp & Freunde – SMA Deutschland e. V. supports research into spinal muscular atrophy, a rare and incurable hereditary disease in certain nerve cells of the spinal cord that mostly affects children. The association seeks donors to give money to SMA research and over and above this directly supports the day-to-day lives of people affected by SMA, with the aim of maintaining and improving patients’ quality of life.


Kinder und Jugend ARCHE Karlsruhe e. V.

The aim of Kinder und Jugend ARCHE Karlsruhe e.V. is to enable children in financial or emotional need to have equal opportunities as they make their way through life. The initiative has been working alongside children since 2011, encouraging and helping them along the way so that they are ready to go out into the wider world. With a warm lunch, support with homework and an exciting afternoon programme, the institution offers children a reliable point of contact irrespective of their cultural or religious background.


Support for your project

We are always looking to collaborate with social, cultural and sporting initiatives, clubs and institutions. So get in touch!


Thao Vo

Assistant to the Board